[R-repo-dev] r-repo for Scientific Linux 6

Lance A. Brown brown at stat.duke.edu
Thu Aug 4 15:12:29 EDT 2011

R P Herrold wrote:
> I've packaged substantially all of the Finance, Trading, Statistics and
> Economics R packages, for CentOS 5 without encountering problems of the
> type you outline, and so look forward to working with you in that venue

Turns out it is a particular quirk with the specific version of texlive that is
included in SL6.   A fedora guy is working on packaging a more recent version of
texlive (2011 instead of 2007) and I was able to install his texlive packages
and get past the R CMD CHECK problem I was having.

Now to grind through all the R packages my users want that aren't in the r-repo
spec files yet.


Lance A. Brown
Senior Systems Programmer
Department of Statistical Science
Duke University

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