[Scriptome-users] Edit Scriptome tools on the web page before cutting and pasting

Amir Karger akarger at CGR.Harvard.edu
Fri Jul 21 10:27:22 EDT 2006

Scriptome fans:

I am happy to announce a new Scriptome release.

Each tool now has a little "form" above it. You fill in the form with
the tool's parameters and filenames (e.g., putting a 2 in the $col field
to use the third column for filtering), the Perl code in the colored box
is magically updated. Cut and paste the text like you used to, and then
hit enter. No more editing tools on the command line! Head on over to
http://www.cgr.harvard.edu/cbg/scriptome to see the pretty new format.

Less huge, but still nice, upgrades:
- Volunteer Jason Konrad did some welcome simplifying of the code. (We
need a credits page...)
- More tools now give better output.
- General cleanup of documentation et al.

Things we hope to release soon:
- Scriptome.pl (in beta). From the command line, you type
	perl Scriptome.pl choose_cols somefile.tab > smaller_file.tab
  The program retrieves the latest version of choose_cols from the
website, asks you what values you want for parameters and filenames, and
then runs the tool. 
- ScriptPack.pl, same functionality as Scriptome.pl in a 500K file you
can put on your non-Internet-connected laptop!
- Optionally view the tools' Perl code with newlines in it, so it's more
- Eitan's ScriptomeXL project is in beta and is VERY COOL.

But don't hold your breath.

Comments, criticism, & volunteers welcomed as always.


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