[Scriptome-users] New tools, "expand view" of tools' Perl code, downloadable simple Scriptome programs

Amir Karger akarger at CGR.Harvard.edu
Tue Jan 16 13:47:47 EST 2007

Hello, Scriptomists,

I'm happy to report a whole bunch of neat new stuff for the Scriptome,
which can be found at its new-ish location,

A quick advertisment: I'll be giving a software demo at ECCB 06 next
Wednesday, so please come by if you're there.

New stuff:

1.  Scriptome command-line programs - Change a FASTA file to tabular
format by typing the following on the (UNIX, Mac or Windows) command

	Scriptome -t change_fasta_to_tab seqs.fasta > seqs.tab

The program will retrieve tool code from the Scriptome website, then run
it. (There's also a no-Internet version.) It will ask you for
parameters, or you can give them on the command line. It's available as
a download on the (NEW!) Resources page. Installation, if you're lucky,
involves unzipping the files (and optionally moving them to a different

2. New Tools:

- change_transpose_table: Transpose a table, exchanging rows and columns
- choose_lines_with_col_min: (like max equivalent)
- choose_lines_with_min_per_name: (like max equivalent)
- merge_lines_side_by_side: E.g., file A has ten rows, 3 columns, file B
has ten rows, 4 columns. Create file AB with ten rows, 7 columns by
putting tables side by side.

3. Expandable Perl code - one of our most popular requests. Click the
"Expand code" button next to any tool's code for a much more readable,
multi-line view. Also, if you cut & paste all but the first/last line
into a text editor and save it, you should have a working Perl program
you can edit and run on your own.

4. Tips Page - The Tips page features quick advice on using tools,
writing protocols, and general data management. ("Start counting columns
at zero!") 

Happy scripting!


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