[ssml] blastclust usage

Joanna Sharman J.L.Sharman at sms.ed.ac.uk
Tue Feb 21 10:47:36 EST 2006


I've run blastclust on a set of my own sequences and I would like to 
know how to
interpret the results in the hits file.  Is this file not supposed to 
be readable as a plain text file, or have I done something wrong?  If 
not, is there a way to read the contents of the file (any programs that 
can interpret the file into human readable format)?

I am currently running this under Linux, although I would also like to 
know how to run blastclust under Windows.  Everytime I try to run it 
under Windows I get an error message saying that blastclust has 
encountered a problem and needs to close.  Has anyone used blastclust 
under Windows before and know what could be causing it to crash?  I've 
tried creating both a .ncbirc file in the blast bin directory and a 
ncbi.ini file under WINDOWS.

I appreciate your help with either of these problems.


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