The Pogo - Posam Project

The Piezoelectric Oligonucleotide Synthesizer And Microarrayer (POSAM) was developed in the Hood Laboratory to give researchers access to customizeable DNA microarrays.  The result is an "open source" platform.  The hardware design and protocols are being made available freely to the public and the control software is released under the GPL license.

Older versions of the control software are available here as gzipped tar files.  Arrayer was created first for hardware development purposes.  It gives the user maximum control of the robotics.  The latest version is v.0.9.  Lombardi, the second generation application, was created for microarray production.  The latest version is v.0.7.3.  Arrayer and Lombardi are no longer under active development as they are being replaced by "Pogo."

Pogo is the name of the new control software currently under development.  It is available through CVS at Bioinformatics.Org .  Pogo provides more flexibility, better ease-of-use, a faster DNA synthesis cycle, and droplet quality control via a IEEE-1394 camera.  It is still in testing so a stable release is not yet available.  Click here for a screenshot.


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