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Ghemical: Molecular modelling - Summary

All categories :: bioinformatics software development :: Ghemical: Molecular modelling

Ghemical is a molecular modelling package. The graphical user interface is built on GTK2. Both quantum-mechanical and forcefield-based methods are supported, and it is also possible to add new methods.

License: GNU General Public License

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Project admins: [Photo] Geoff Hutchison
Tommi Hassinen

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Module name: ghemical
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Latest announcements
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Version 1.91 released
Submitted by Tommi Hassinen; posted on Saturday, November 12, 2005
Version 1.91 is released with bugfixes for gcc-4 and 64-bit systems.
New releases
Submitted by Tommi Hassinen; posted on Friday, July 01, 2005
Versions 1.02 (stable) and 1.90 (development) versions have been released.
ghemical-1.01 is released
Submitted by Tommi Hassinen; posted on Tuesday, December 23, 2003
The version 1.01 contains bugfixes added during 2003 since version 1.00.
ghemical-1.00 is released
Submitted by Tommi Hassinen; posted on Wednesday, December 04, 2002 (1 comment)
The first stable version, v1.00, is released. Also a new development branch is now "offically" opened and the first development version, v1.50alpha, is also released.
Submitted by Tommi Hassinen; posted on Thursday, May 30, 2002
A large reorganization has been done in the "ghemical" project CVS. The traditional v0.82 codebase has been moved to a branch called MANY_PROJECTS_BRANCH and some new stuff (still badly broken at the moment) has been added to the HEAD branch.

The objective of the changes is to combine the several current "project" types into a single "project" type, making both the user inteface and code simpler. At the moment, both of the brances are developed and maintained side-by-side.

To update your working copy to the traditional MANY_PROJECTS_BRANCH, use

cvs update -r MANY_PROJECTS_BRANCH -d -P

To checkout a working copy from the traditional branch, use

cvs checkout -r MANY_PROJECT_BRANCH ghemical

To checkout a working copy from the new code, use simply

cvs checkout ghemical

as usual.

ghemical-0.82 is released
Submitted by Tommi Hassinen; posted on Friday, February 22, 2002
A new version 0.82 has been released, with minor improvements.

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