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The goal of the PyAnnHyb project is to rewrite the complete AnnHyb application using the Python programming language in order to run under various platforms like Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft-Windows.

PyAnnHyb is at a VERY early stage of development. DO NOT use it with important data!

PyAnnHyb is free software, and is released under the GNU General Public License.
If you find it useful, please send me a nice postcard.

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Current version: v. 0.021

Please send your comments and/or suggestions and all bugs you will find via e-mail.
If this project is useful to you you can donate a small fee to support PyAnnHyb development.

A version for Microsoft-Windows operating system is available at


PyAnnHyb is at an early stage of development and includes only these few features:

For backward compatibility the AnnHyb's projects can be reopened and resaved in a format that is compatible with AnnHyb for Microsoft-Windows (.annhyb).

More functions will be added in the next versions.
See project history for more details


For any bug report, comment or suggestion: e2 e2 e2 e2

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