Transcriptome studies using strain  MW2

  Regulator    # Up regulated genes    # Down regulated genes 
saeRS (mid-expo) 57 0
saeRS (early-stationary) 109 80
Azurophilic granule proteins (15min) 420 251
Azurophilic granule proteins (30min) 264 388
Azurophilic granule proteins (60min) 322 295
Azurophilic granule proteins (120min) 328 247
Hydrogen Peroxide 15min (MW2) 514 290
Hydrogen Peroxide 30min (MW2) 365 354
Hydrogen Peroxide 60min (MW2) 276 351
Hydrogen Peroxide 120min (MW2) 184 233
Hypochlorous acid 15min (MW2) 295 183
Hypochlorous acid 30min (MW2) 165 208
Hypochlorous acid 60min (MW2) 71 222
Hypochlorous acid 120min (MW2) 125 68
rsp 22 73
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