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    The Web Engine:

    Grid Computing Made Simple (perhaps too simple...)

    This is only a collection of ideas, comments and opinions.

    Project Overview


    The objective of the Web Engine is to build a machine code compiler for java which executes all its opperations over the internet. The idea is that the executing code dynamically searches the web for available servers, and executes each instruction on the 'nearest' machine.

    Here is what people had to say about the Web Engine.

    Related Projects / Resources

    This list is by no means exhaustive (although I see no reason why it shouldn't be). If you would like to be included (or removed) or if you have a link you recommend, please contact me.

    Links Page


    A collection of more or less relevant literature. This is not supposed to be a static collection, but should grow as understanding, scope, knowledge and research does. If you have suggested literature, please contact me. Please note that this section is in it't infancy, so please don't be upset if I miss you out!



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