Restriction Summary

Restriction Summary accepts a DNA sequence and returns the number and positions of restriction endonuclease cut sites. Use this program if you wish to quickly determine whether or not an enzyme cuts a particular segment of DNA, and to produce a table to complement the output of Rest and Trans Map.

Paste the raw or FASTA sequence into the text area below.

  • The sequence is

Enter the restriction site expressions. The default set of expressions describes commonly-used restriction sites. Slashes mark the boundary of the pattern to match, while the round brackets surround the name of the site. The number located after the closing round bracket is the distance of the cleavage site from the 3' end of the recognition sequence. Within the pattern square brackets surround possible bases present at a single position. Each expression is followed by a comma, except for the last expression. Enzymes that recognize non-palindromic sites are given two entries, one for each strand.