Alignment Annotator   -   Browser based sequence alignment visualization with JAVASCRIPT

This web based graphical user interface is used for the computation and rendering of multiple sequence alignments on desktop PCs, Android, iOS and MS-Mobile tablets. Alignment views can be designed interactivly or programmatically by bioinformatics web services.
The entered sequences are automatically aligned by sequence and/or three-dimensional structure.
Residue and sequence annotations: Annotations are automatically inferred from databases, from 3D-structures and from annotation services or entered and edited manually. Annotated and colorized alignments can be downloaded as interactive documents for web browsers or as Word documents or opened in Jalview.
Scripting language: Find text boxes for script commands in the user interface of the alignment view / Change / Scripting. See Script demos.
Translation of triplets to aminos: Given nucleotide sequences can be translated to amino acid sequences using script commands. See Translate to amino
Requirements: Modern web browser. For 3D-visualization, browsers must support Java applets (Firefox, Opera and IE, but not mobile devices, MS-Edge and Chrome). Java-independent 3D-visualization is in preparation.

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