Associate similar 3D-structure

Proteins loaded from sequence files like Uniprot or Genpept files lack 3D-information and cannot be visualized three-dimensionally. With this dialog similar structures for given sequences can be identified. Only if a suitable 3D model exist, the 3D-coordinates can be assigned and the protein can be visualized in 3D.

The search result is presented in a table. Each table row represents one protein. It shows candidates of matching PDB-IDs. The location of the hit relative to the query sequence is shown graphically as a gray bar.
To infer the proposed 3D-coordinates the user needs to press the button  Apply in the last table column. Those amino acids in the amino acid sequence that inherited xyz-3D-coordinates will be written as an upper case letter. Those, that are not assigned 3D-coordinates are shown as lower case letter. Amino acid positions where the residue type of the 3D model differs are marked.

The associated 3D-structure can be dissociated using the context menu of the protein.