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Making sequence alignments of related protein sequences is a common task in biology. It reveals regions which are highly conserved and are functionally important. Automatic approaches alone are often not fully satisfactory and manual refinement is necessary in most cases particularly when the sequences are very dissimilar.

STRAP is a comfortable and comprehensive tool to edit multiple protein sequence alignments. A wide range of functions related to protein sequences and protein structures are accessible with an intuitive graphical interface.
STRAP is tightly integrated into your desktop environment supporting Cut_paste and Word_completion and spell check. Drag_and_drop is available for proteins, residue selections, nucleotide structures and hetero structures. Context_menu for proteins, residue selections and files are triggered by right mouse click.

To users that are not familiar with object oriented graphical programs such as CorelDraw or PowerPoint, the program appears to be complicated in the beginning. With the help of the integrated tutorials you will learn how to apply the currently available methods to compare proteins sequences and structures.

The key features are:

What it cannot do:
- Alignment of nucleotide sequences
- Docking
- Gene structure, promotor analysis
- Structure modelling
- Molecular dynamics
- Gene expression
- RNA-3D-structure

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