Dragging proteins and alignments into Strap

Proteins can be dragged not only from the local file system but also from the web browser.

Example: Results from bioinformatics services are often presented as database links like As a test, drag this link into the Strap application. The amino acid sequence will be loaded into Strap. Dragging requires some skill. It should be performed slowly. Some browsers require the link to be dragged first up and then sidewards.

As an example of a bioinformatics service go to Zinc finger proteins in NCBI and drag the entries directly into Strap. See Overview of all supported Web-resources.

Also see Movie loading proteins.

Status message: During Drag-and-Drop the mouse arrow will change, indicating, that the Drag-and-Drop operation is currently performed. In addition, a status message appears in Strap.

3D: PDB-structures can be dragged directly into a 3D-Backbone view such that the protein will be displayed together with the proteins already present in the 3D-view. PDB-files that contain only hetero structures or DNA/RNA nucleotide structures can be dragged onto a protein label to associate the hetero compound with the peptide chain.

In case a dragged link is not recognized,
please contact the maintainer of that web page
and send a mail to christoph.gille ( a ) charite.de

Protein Icons

Images (jpg, png, gif and bmp) can be dragged onto one or several selected protein labels. Try Drag this icon, Drag this icon or Drag this icon. If dropped on a named residue selection, the image will serve as the background image for the selected residues.

Protein Icons

Find more icons in the Web like:

Limitations: Images cannot be dragged if they are a hyper-link. The following will not work: This cannot be dragged.

Dragging text

Select the text in the following box and drag it to Strap.
Single fasta format
Multiple fasta format
Same amount of left space in all lines. When you select the text please pay attention to mark the first line completely, including the leading space of the first line.
PDB format
Uniprot format
Two Uniprot entries separated by "//"
Genbank NCBI format
More examples can be found at molecularevolution.org and EBI. When selecting the text please make sure that the text selection contains exactly the protein format text. Leading and trailing blank lines are ignored.