Local Installation of Strap

Local installation is more robust than Java Webstart.
It enables:

Installation on
Windows Windows     Macintosh Mac Unix/Linux Linux    

Two options. If one does not work, try the other:  
Whether Java is already installed can be easily tested: Open a CMD.EXE terminal. This can be done by entering CMD.EXE into the search box. Enter at the command prompt
java -version
You should see output like
java version "1.8.0_31"
Download the file strap-linux-unix.zip.

The zip archive contains the files strap.sh and strap.jar.
Drag them to the desktop.

To start Strap, double click strap.sh.
Or start strap.sh from the command line.
The jar file will disappear.
Download the file strap-macintosh.zip.

The zip archive contains three files strap.command, strap.jar and proxy-config.
Drag them to the desktop.

To start Strap, double click strap.command.
The jar file will disappear.

If the start dialog of Strap contains the warning message "Please check the web proxy settings" then you need to read the following section.

On Windows, the proxy settings are imported from the Internet Explorer (IE). This works only for manual proxy settings. In case of automatic proxy configuration, Strap tries to fetch the PAC-file from the intranet.

On Macintosh, the system wide proxy settings are obtained. This has been tested with Mac OSX 1.6 and will hopefully work also with higher Mac OSX.

The following describes, how to enter fixed proxy settings into the script file strap . Edit a copy of the script in a text editor.
Identify the line with the leading java command.

Remove any proxy-option from this line: -proxycfgOutput -probeWebProxy -sysProxies. Enter your web proxy settings directly after the java-command but separated by white space. Use the following format:
        -Dhttp.proxyHost=proxy.myCompany.de -Dhttp.proxyPort=8080
Restart Strap and hopefully the red warning message will disappear.

To change settings, edit the script file strap.

Strap offers some utilities. They are activated with certain command line parameters.