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(Test Development Release on all supported platforms)
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=Test Development Release on all supported platforms=
=Test Development Release on all supported platforms=
*solaris-sparc (deneb, antares)
*solaris-sparc (antares)
*solaris-amd64 (merak, toliman, mira)
*solaris-amd64 (mira)
*linux-x86_64 (gaia, moon, orpheus, falcon, mars, venus, jupiter)
*linux-x86_64 (mars, venus, jupiter)
*linux-intel (canolaoil)
*linux-intel (i386vm on flamingo)
*osx-x86_64 (albacore)
*osx-x86_64 (albacore)

Revision as of 00:30, 18 May 2013

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Clean out old files, especially from bin directories.

Review and document recent changes

All changes should be documented in BIRCHDEV/doc/ReleaseNotes.html

Generate a new Development Release, including binaries

Edit BIRCHDEV/build/makeframework.excludefile to exclude all unnecessary files from the $birch/java directory. Mostly these are in the various bioLegato versions. Next, create a development version of the framework file:


Note: Currently, makeframework.csh only works on Solaris. This script should really be rewritten in bash so that it can run on Linux.

Test Development Release on all supported platforms

Generate a Stable Release, but don't list it on the download page.

a. Update the development version of the binaries

makebin.csh solaris-sparc
makebin.csh solaris-amd64
makebin.csh linux-x86_64

Binaries for linux-intel and osx-x86_64 must be generated on canolaoil and albacore, respectively, and uploaded to the Development directory.

b. Create a new birch framework

makeframework.csh -v  version_number

This script creates a new snapshot called framework_version_number.tar gz. It also copies the tar archives containing the development version of the binaries to new files with the version number. This means that the binary files need to be up to date in the development verison before running makeframework.csh.

Test on other systems

as in step 3

When satisfied, change the symbolic link CURRENT to point to the new version.


cd /home/psgendb/FTP/BIRCH
ln -s 2.9 CURRENT

In this example, GetBirch will see version 2.9 as the current version for download.


a. Version home page

Edit the BIRCH announcement page at

to reflect changes in the new version. Mostly, this is copying the top part of the release notes to this page.

b. BIRCH mailing list

i) update the file update.txt with current release information

ii) Add new email addresses from /home/psgendb/FTP/BIRCH/register/registrants.csv to mailinglist.txt. Make sure not to include anyone who has specified that they do not want to be on the mailing list, as indicated by a 'N' in fourth field.

iii) Modify announce.csh so that the subject line has the current BIRCH version.

iv) Do a test mailing using

python test.mailinglist.txt htmlfile

This script mails update.txt to the specified mailing list

v) If the mail message looks good, send it to the actual mailing list:

python mailinglist.txt htmlfile

Before doing further announcements, give people a week or two to see if there are problems.

c. Recent ACGC attendees



f. bioinfcore mailinglist

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