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The freest knowledge depot on the net.

Who is the target audience? 
What is the primary function of the wiki? 
What 'reward model' do you use (if any)? 
What custom features are used? 

Bvio is a completely openfree portal general encyclopedia and directory. It does not restrict users and its contents in any way. The world needs fully free knowledge and data storage. You can use it for storing any kind of information.

Original English text was from Wikipedia. At some point, we diverged from Wikipedia DB contents, style and policy.

The main reason was wikipedia some years ago tried to force some kind of illogical copyrights.

Also, the policy of more strict format and rude burocrats who delete entries caused dissatisfaction. We accept diversity, not-perfect materials, original materials, advertisement, etc etc.

Bvio aims to be very free, open-style, multi-format, multi-purpose, and fast evolving knowledge depository system. It can be both directory and encyclopedia.

There can be many errors and wrong information. In that case, people can help to improve the content and ways of putting things here.

Who operates and owns Bvio? The answer is 'You'. Anyone who tries this site actively is the founder and owner. Also, any future generation who actively operates this will be the leader. It is the same as the original Bioperl project.




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