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The Rosalind Franklin Centre, formerly the Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre, has closed down. This page really is academic.

I am now a consultant. You can reach me via my personal email contact page

Who I am

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Hello. My name is Damian Counsell. Until August 2005 I was a Bioinformatics Specialist in the United Kingdom Medical Research Council's Rosalind Franklin Centre for Genomics Research. I am still a director of Bioinformatics.Org, on the Advisory Panel of <cite>Future Drug Discovery</cite>, but I am not a scientist.

I no longer do experiments or contribute to peer-reviewed papers and I do not call myself an "expert". I do not append or prepend any titles to my name. If anyone else tries this kind of thing on when citing or quoting me, they are doing so without my blessing.

Contact details

phone/voicemail: +44 (0)7967 026293

Email address


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my new signed PGP public key will appear here

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Protein bioinformatics

I was interested in some simple, but, I believed, important problems in protein bioinformatics:

Bioinformatics education

Bioinformatics offers challenges and opportunities in pedagogy.

<span class="EMBOSS">EMBOSS</span>

I have been involved with this wonderful suite of free (as in speech and free as in beer) software.



1995--1996: MSc. Physical Science and Engineering in Medicine, Imperial College, London

dissertation: "<cite>An Investigation into Scale-space Texture Measures</cite>" <br /> ---extension of 2D image analysis texture measures into 3D for the segmentation of MR brain images in schizophrenics and others

1986--1990: B.A. Physiological Sciences, Balliol College, University of Oxford

dissertation: "<cite>The Effect of Inorganic Phosphate on Rhodobacter Sphaeroides' Motility</cite>" <br /> ---digital imaging computer tracking of cell motion in different media


2001--2005: Bioinformatics Specialist, Rosalind Franklin Centre for Genomic Research, Cambridge

1997--2001: Bioinformatics Computing Officer, Institute of Cancer Research, London

1996--1997: Biological Content Developer, Electronic Press (BioMedNet), London

1992--1995: Research Assistant: Cell Biology, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford

1991--1992: Research Assistant: Immunology, Nuffield Department of Medicine, Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford

1990--1991: Technician, Nuffield Department of Medicine, Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford



<cite>A Fibrillin-1-Fragment Containing the Elastin-Binding-Protein GxxPG Consensus Sequence Upregulates Matrix Metalloproteinase-1: Biochemical and Computational Analysis</cite><br />Patrick Booms, Andreas Ney, Frank Barthel, Gautier Moroy, Damian Counsell, Christoph Gille, Gao Guo, Reinhard Pregla, Stefan Mundlos, Alain J. P. Alix, Peter N. Robinson<br /><cite>Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology</cite> (2006), <span class="JournalVolume">40</span>, pp234--246

<cite>Use of a stringent high-throughput yeast two-hybrid strategy to study human protein-protein interactions: analyses of all intracellular proteins encoded within the human MHC class III region</cite><br /> Jennifer I. Semple, Benjamin Lehner, Stephanie Brown, Damian Counsell, R. Duncan Campbell, Christopher M. Sanderson <br /><cite>Genomics</cite> (2004), <span class="JournalVolume">83</span>, pp153--167

<cite>Mutations in the Human Muscle LIM Protein Gene in Families With Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy</cite><br /> Christian Geier, Andreas Perrot, Cemil Özcelik, Priska Binner, Damian Counsell, Katrin Hoffmann, Bernhard Pilz, Yvonne Martiniak, Katja Gehmlich, Peter F.M. van der Ven, Dieter O. Fürst, Arnold Vornwald, Eberhard von Hodenberg, Peter Nürnberg, Thomas Scheffold, Rainer Dietz, and Karl Josef Osterziel<br /><cite>Circulation</cite> (2003), <span class="JournalVolume">107</span>, pp1390--1395

<cite>Crystal structure of the CCT \u03b3 apical domain: implications for substrate binding to the eukaryotic cytosolic chaperonin</cite><br /> Günter Pappenberger, Julie A. Wilsher, S. Mark Roe, Damian J. Counsell, Keith R. Willison, Laurence H. Pearl<br /><cite>Journal of Molecular Biology</cite> (2002), <span class="JournalVolume">318</span>, pp1367-79

<cite>HLA-B27 Subtyping by single-strand conformation polymorphisms (SSCP) in Caucasoids, Negroids and Inuits from Greenland</cite><br /> Cornelis F, Pile K, Hill A, Liote F, Rowland-Jones S, Counsell D, Toubert A, Lathrop M, McMichael A, Bardin T, Bell J<br /><cite> Arthritis and Rheumatism</cite> (1992), <span class="JournalVolume">35, supplement</span>, ppS182--S182

<cite>The Effect of phosphate on the motility of Rhodobacter sphaeroides</cite><br /> P. S. Poole, S. Brown, D. Counsell and J. P. Armitage<br /><cite>FEMS Microbiology Letters</cite> (1991), <span class="JournalVolume">79</span>, pp1--4


<cite>Meeting Review: Workshop---Predicting the Structure of Biological Molecules</cite><br /> Damian Counsell <br /><cite>Comparative and Functional Genomics</cite> (2004), <span class="JournalVolume">5</span>, issue: 6/7, pp480--490

<cite>A Review of Bioinformatics education in the UK</cite><br /> Damian Counsell <br /><cite>Briefings in Bioinformatics</cite> (2003), <span class="JournalVolume">4</span>, pp7--21

<cite>Meeting Review: 2002 O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference</cite><br /> Damian Counsell <br /><cite>Comparative and Functional Genomics</cite> (2002), <span class="JournalVolume">3</span>, pp264--269

Posters and presentations

<cite>[talks/Tucson.pdf How can we build a bioinformatics programme that works?]</cite><br /> Damian Counsell <br /><cite>The O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference</cite><nowiki>; Tucson, AZ, USA; 28--31 January 2002 </nowiki>

<cite>Evolution of a protein folding machine, a bioinformatic view of CCT</cite><br /> Damian Counsell <br />Structural Biology Department, Weizmann Institute<nowiki>; Rehovot, Israel; September 2001 </nowiki><br />Neurogenetics Department, Imperial College School of Medicine<nowiki>; St Mary's Campus, London, UK; November 2000 </nowiki>

<cite>CCT: A tar-pit, a folding machine and a biology lesson</cite><br /> Damian Counsell <br />NEC Research Institute<nowiki>; Princeton, NJ, USA; September 1999 </nowiki>

<cite>Prediction of CCT substrate binding sites by bioinformatic methods</cite><br /> Damian Counsell, Keith Willison<br /><cite>EMBO Workshop on Protein Folding and Misfolding inside and outside the Cell</cite><nowiki>; </nowiki>St Catherine's College, University of Oxford, UK; 25--28 March 1998


<cite>The Bioinformatics FAQ</cite><br />Bioinformatics.Org<nowiki>; 1999-- </nowiki><br />The Bioinformatics Resource<nowiki>; 2001-- </nowiki>

<cite>Word for the Wise<nowiki>: A Guide to preparing Scientific documents with </nowiki>Microsoft Word</cite><br />MRC-HGMP; 2001-- <br />Institute of Cancer Research<nowiki>; 1998-- </nowiki>

<cite>Bioinformatics</cite><br />Perspectives in Oncology: Cancer Sciences Website <br />Institute of Cancer Research<nowiki>; 2001-- </nowiki>

<cite>Stationary Traveller</cite><br />Sir William Dunn School of Pathology Website<br />University of Oxford<nowiki>; 1994 </nowiki>

Popular Science

<cite>Hacking the Code of Life</cite><br /> Damian Counsell <br /><cite>Linux User</cite> (December 2004), <span class="JournalVolume">42</span>, pp22--31 [NOTE: THIS ARTICLE WENT TO PRESS BEFORE I HAD REVISED IT---IT CONTAINS ERRORS. I DID NOT APPROVE THE TITLE OR THE SUMMARY.]

<cite>Hacking the Genome</cite><br /> Damian Counsell <br /><cite>Linux User</cite> (June 2001), <span class="JournalVolume">11</span>, pp26--29

<cite>Open Source and the Human Genome Project</cite><br /> Damian Counsell <br />Becta Technology R&E Seminar: <cite>Open Source software and its potential impact on education</cite><nowiki>; </nowiki>Techno Centre, Coventry University Technology Park, Warwickshire, UK; 25 July 2000

Useful stuff for anyone

Bioinformatics FAQ

I write and curate the Bioinformatics FAQ at Bioinformatics.Org.

Writing up

If you are a student or pupil who has to prepare a thesis or scientific project, and have to use Microsoft Word to do it, why not download a copy of "Word for the Wise"?

My Personal Web pages

My personal pages are at counsell.com.

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