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==Research Interests==
==Research Interests==
===Protein Structure Quality Assessment===
[[protein structure|Protein structures]] can be determined experimentally by [[X-ray crystallography]] and [[NMR spectroscopy]]. But how close are the experimentally determined structures to the "real" structures? I am interested in developing [[algorithms]] and software for judging the quality of protein structures generated using NMR spectroscopy. I am writing a computer program called "[[NMRQ]]" for this purpose.
===Automated Genome Annotation===
===Automated Genome Annotation===

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Research Interests

Automated Genome Annotation

The genomes of prokaryotes are being sequenced and made public at a furious rate. To help with the interpretation of this data, I wrote BASys, an automated prokaryotic genome annotation system. Anyone can submit their raw prokaryotic chromosome, plasmid, or contig data to BASys and it will attempt to identify and annotate the protein encoding regions.

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I am a founding member and Associate Director of The Bioinformatics Organization, Inc.

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