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I am a founding member and Associate Director of The Bioinformatics Organization, Inc. (Bioinformatics.Org) was founded to facilitate world-wide communications and collaborations between practicing and neophyte bioinformatic scientists and technicians. The Organization provides these individuals, as well as the public at large, free and open access to materials and methods for and from scientific research, software development, and education. We advocate and promote freedom and openness in the field as well as provide a forum for activities which facilitate the development of such resources. Bioinformatics.Org was established in 1998 by J.W. Bizzaro as a place to host collaborations in bioinformatics. I joined as a cofounder in early 1999 . In 2000, the Organization had more than 100 members and over one dozen projects. The Organization became incorporated in 2003 and currently has more than 26,000 members and over 400 projects. Bioinformatics.Org is one of the largest affiliations in the field of bioinformatics, and the number of resources that we offer is on-par with that offered by NCBI and EBI. However, we distinguish ourselves with our open membership and project hosting: anyone, anywhere can participate. Bioinformatics.Org is also well-known for its emphasis on open access to biological information as well as on Free and Open Source software.


The National Microbiology Lab

Dr. Van Domselaar Heads the Bioinformatics Core Facility at Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory. His principal expertise is in microbial (viral and bacterial) bioinformatics. Dr. Van Domselaar and his group are actvely involved in a wide range of genomic, proteomic, and bioinformatic research and technology projects. Dr. Van Domselaar's current work is focused on the development of systems and software for viral and bacterial sequence assembly, sequence finishing, and taxonomic classification. His group is actively involved in a number of microbial bioinformatics activities including metagenomics; bacterial sequence annotation and analysis; pathogen identification; comparative genomics; proteome bioinformatics; and pathogenomics. He has over 10 years of experience designing and developing bioinformatics software, databases, and algorithms.

Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Alberta

Dr. Van Domselaar is an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Manitoba in Canada. He provides lectures in bioinformatics to students in various disciplines at the UofM, and serves on the UofM bioinformatics curriculum development committee. He also teaches modules in proteomics and genomics at the National Bioinformatics Node of South Africa. Dr. Van Domselaar is a former lecturer at the Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops series in bioinformatics, proteomics, and genomics.


Gary received a PhD in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2003. He worked as a Post Doctoral Fellow in Bioinformatics from 2003 until 2005. He joined the NML as Head of Bioinformatics in 2005.

Research Interests

Automated Genome Annotation

The genomes of prokaryotes are being sequenced and made public at a furious rate. To help with the interpretation of this data, I wrote BASys, an automated prokaryotic genome annotation system. Anyone can submit their raw prokaryotic chromosome, plasmid, or contig data to BASys and it will attempt to identify and annotate the protein encoding regions.


I am a founding member and Associate Director of The Bioinformatics Organization, Inc.

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