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Bioinformatics.Org uses SourceForge's web-based interface to provide an easy-to-use environment for developing bioinformatics-related software and information projects. The following is a list of Bioinformatics.Org's services available to group/project members (those involved in a registered project):


Web server

Apache HTTP Server, with Wiki, PHP and CGI support. Details...

MySQL database

Your shell account and web server have access to your own MySQL database (available upon request to Bioinformatics.Org system administrators).

Mail aliases

If you are a member of a group/project, you are issued a "virtual" e-mail address (, which is aliased to your real e-mail address. And for all members of the Organization, visitors can contact you via web-based e-mail interface.

E-mail lists (public & private)

The Mailman mailing list manager is available for your mailing lists.

Subversion and CVS repositories

Each project has its own Subversion and/or CVS repository. Developers are granted secure access to the tree through SSH. Anonymous Subversion amd CVS/pserver access is granted to the general public. Details...

File server

Released versions of your project are stored on our fileserver. Downloads are available through ftp and http access. You also get full read/write access to your own FTP directory, available anonymously to the outside world.

Project management software

Bug-tracking system (public & private)

Discussion forums (public & private)

SSH account

A restricted SSH account provides basic shell functions, your own crontab, and access to your HTTP account for you and all of your developers.

Systems administration

Bioinformatics.Org system administration (important)

Terms of service

Please read the Terms of Service Agreement (the legal stuff).

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