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Describe your BioWiki using the following topics (for free text, see below):

Tag line:

Your wiki, in 140 characters or less...

Who is the target audience?

e.g. biologists, geneticists, panda genome annotators, etc.

What is the primary function of the wiki?

e.g. allows expert curated metabolic reconstruction of ...

What 'reward model' do you use (if any)?

e.g. contributions become user citeable references in PubMed, or 'contributor points' based prize lottery to ...

What custom features are used?

Please don't list standard extensions here. e.g. embedded GBrowse for interactive gene model editing ...

Free text description:


Please provide a few keywords to describe your wiki, comma separated.

Please provide a few details about your wiki that are hard to estimate computationally:

Data about your wiki

Date created:
Number of content pages:
Number of users:
Number of contributions:
How is the above count defined? i.e. What constitutes a contribution?

Logo file: Upload file

Technology used on your wiki

Platform: e.g. MediaWiki, DBWiki, custom, ...

API URL: If your wiki uses MediaWiki, please provide the full URL of the site's API

Extensions: Please list the set of extensions used on your wiki.


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