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REDIRECT [[Prash]]
#REDIRECT [[Prash]]
''”The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education”''  ~ Albert Einstein
''”The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education”''  ~ Albert Einstein

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Prash.jpg ”The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education” ~ Albert Einstein


About me

Namasté! I work at Bioinformatics team, CDAC, Pune, India. I also serve as an Associate Director of I'm in lieu of Philosophiae Doctrate from LJR lab at Roskilde University, Denmark. I founded in 2006, a virtual organization, that masks projects online and builds mentor-mentee relationship. I look forward to see as a regional affiliate of Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network start January 1, 2009.


I was born in coal capital of India - Kothagudem where I had my schooling at St. Joseph's High School and under graduate studies at VVDC. I did my Masters from GGU- School of Biotechnology followed by project fellowship at CCMB, Hyderabad, India. I moved to Denmark in 2004 to start my PhD before I worked at Biosolutions and Cenitech, Hyderabad, India. Computational Biology fascinated me even before my under graduate schooling just because I was very poor in practising wet lab ;) research.


My interests are to study protein-protein interactions and top-down systems biology of hypothetical proteins in human. My focus is more on Mitochondrial proteins. Besides this iota of research, I mentor students online through MentorNet. You may find my favorite articles that I compile through Connotea from time to time.

Selected Publications

Few papers that have been communicated would appear soon. I respect Open Access Initiative

Suravajhala P. Hypo, hype and ‘hyp’ human proteins. Bioinformation Vol 2(1), 31-33 Link to PubMed



African virtual Bioinformatics conference


Biological Networks: Insights from Interactions at International Conference on Bioinformatics 2008 in Taipei, Taiwan




My associates feel that I am a good organizer ;0) than a researcher as evident from my office desk. I feel that's the way to brighten my work. I also blog sometimes by pegging some thoughts through Biospot and ABC Tales. I dream alot so as you do and visualize cartoons through my dreams. Some of them could be checked through Biotoons.

I try to engage myself and learn something from biggies through Nature Network, The SAB and the NobelPrize. Whence in Denmark, I was involved in InterNiche, developing through Biowiki., thanks to Biofoundation.

Voluntary associations

Rotaract organisation through Rotaract club of Pune Shaniwarwada, volunteer through, GiveIndia, CRY, UNICEF and

Favorite past-time

I love to travel, while enjoying a sip of ;) coke with lemon. I'm 29 years old and 'm privileged to have been to 30 countries so far :0) Can I reach my target of 100 countries before I bid adieu to this world?


I'm a Gandhian and a great admirer of MK Gandhiji and Nelson Mandela and often take inspiration through Dr. Abdul Kalam's works.

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