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My name is Walter. My career has been in the Pharma/BioTech and IT Space. I realize Boston, NC, TX and CA are the big hitters in this area. I live in Illinois. I have had advanced education at Washington University in St. Louis. St. Louis seems like town going nowhere.

Are there any "best" places to escape to as a Midwesterner? I love the some of the CA companies, but many of them contain people who all they do is work - no Sunday's off.

I'm also convinced that all the requests requiring Ph.D.'s with a laundry list of "dream candidates" is almost laughable. Who has the money to pursue that type of career.

What is the general take of Pharma/BioTech, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics?

From what I see and read, it seems to be taking off. Really? Many people in this area seem to "grandfather" in. Face it, who can afford all this education. Or am I missing something?


W. Roper

University of Illinois

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