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Bifx Africa-India 2011.jpg

(Formerly Afbix-Inbix 2011)

Online at Bioinformatics.Org
February 10-11, 2011



The Bifx Africa-India Joint Virtual Conference 2011 (Bifx11) follows the success of Bifx09 and Bifx10. This joint conference is organized by the Bioinformatics Organization, and supported by and African Society of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (ASBCB).


Africa and India share some research paradigms. Over the last few years, research in the fields of bioinformatics and computational biology has gained momentum within the African continent to study interactions of pathogens, hosts and vectors in relevant diseases, even as widespread tangible research has grown within the subcontinent of India. And the "virtual conference" has taken root in these regions with the organization of several such conferences under the aegis of Bioinformatics.Org. Now, the organizers of Bifx11 hope that this opportunity will continue to foster virtual interactions and collaborations among students, as well as researchers, of Africa and India and help to further the advancement of science there.

Bioinformatics Organization (Bioinformatics.Org) has over 30,000 members and currently hosts over 400 projects that are related to bioinformatics and computational biology. The Organization also offers online interactive tutorials on several relevant topics.

The tradition of virtual conferences at Bioinformatics.Org dates back to Bioinformatics to Systems Biology 2007 (BSB07). And the BSB08 conference Bioinformatics to Systems Biology 2008 ignited a spark in the audience across the world through four keynote talks, other virtual presentations and posters. The conference brought together over 140 attendees both directly and indirectly from across the globe.


Based on alphabetical order of Surnames



Abstract booklet

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If you are interested in creating a new virtual in a new region, please contact the organizers. A request to form a hub should include the following details:

Deadline for hub applications is 30th January 2011, and selected candidates will be notified in the first week of February 2011.


Registration deadline: Wednesday, February 1, 2011

Please direct payment questions to

Virtual hubs

Full article on virtual hubs


The virtual conference will consist of a single track with oral and poster presentations. This is a first call for submission of abstracts; authors will indicate whether they are aspiring to have an oral presentation or a poster. The best abstracts from the oral presentation track will be invited for oral presentation, unsuccessful oral presentation abstracts will be invited for poster presentation. We strongly encourage young investigators as well as research faculties to submit an abstract on their current work. The Program Committee will choose selected abstracts for oral as well as presentations.


One of the objectives of this joint conferences is to provide for aspiring Scientists especially from the developing world,an opportunity to publish in leading journals. In this regard, high quality and select articles will be submitted to the following journals:

Presenter preparation

Full article on virtual presentations

Additional information for presenters

Please liaise with Jeff so that he can assist you pre-record your presentations before the main conference.

He will firstly give you a tour of the Megameeting software to be used for the same, before the actual recording to be done on the Bioinformatics.Org servers.

NB: The recorded presentations will be available after the main conference to anyone in the world who will not have been able to attend the main event and will also act as a backup in case you the presenter experiences any technical problems on the conference day.

Program Committee




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