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The Bioinformatics Organization is a non-profit organization that depends upon the generous contributions of individuals and other organizations. There are many ways to contribute.


Bioinformatics.Org will accept monetary donations from individuals. Please click here for more information on donating to Bioinformatics.Org.

Buying books through Bioinformatics.Org

Purchase books online and help Bioinformatics.Org at the same time! Bioinformatics.Org is a member of the Barnes & Noble Affiliates Program, and we have created one of the largest and best organized book lists for bioinformatics on the Internet. Just click on a cover image at the Bioinformatics.Org Bookstore, and make the purchase via the B&N website. 5.5% of the purchase price goes to Bioinformatics.Org to help us with operations, but you get the same price as if you shopped directly at B&N.

In fact, anything purchased with the Bioinformatics.Org source ID will contribute a percentage to our operations, without any extra cost to you. Just use this link.

Testimonial letter

If you've found Bioinformatics.Org to be helpful but can't spare a dime, please consider sending us a short (< 200 words) testimonial letter. If you are logged in, please use this form. Otherwise, please send a message to the following address:

Please include your name, title and affiliation, and indicate if Bioinformatics.Org may use your testimonial in future publications.

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