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Compiling Bio Cocoa

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April 17, 2006, at 04:07 PM by Koen -
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This section is probably NOT useful for anyone who succeeded in compiling the latest BioCocoa version from the repository. However, for people new to the project, this might be of interest. If you experience problems when compiling the latest version of BioCocoa, make sure you install the Mac OS 10.2.x and Mac OS 10.3.x SDKs from the latest Xcode release (currently version 2.2.1). I don't think these SDKs are installed by default. However, they are required to properly compile BioCocoa. After installing them, make sure that BioCocoa links to the right SDK in the Xcode project:

  • Select the BioCocoa target from the list of targets
  • Click Get Info and then select the build tab
  • Make sure the SDKROOT property points to a valid SDK path

That should fix any (pre)compiler errors.

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