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tools-0.3.4/ 122 (14 years ago) by stehr: tagged version 0.3.4
tools-0.3.3/ 111 (15 years ago) by duarte: Tagging version 0.3.3. at rev110 after adding some renaming getNodes method to getMySQLNodes in DataDistribution and adding some functionality
tools-0.3.2/ 105 (15 years ago) by duarte: Tagging at rev104, slight modifications in DataDistributer. To be used with a slightly improved
tools-0.3.1/ 103 (15 years ago) by duarte: Tag 0.3.1 at rev 102. Introduced slight modifications in DataDistributer class to use with
tools-0.3/ 101 (15 years ago) by duarte: tools version 0.3 from rev98. To use with jed (includes new TableSorter)
tools-0.2/ 91 (15 years ago) by duarte: Creating of tools version 0.2: Freeze of tools package at rev89. New classes QueryThread and DataDistributer. Reorganised DataDistribution (split into DataDistribution and DataDistributer) Main functionality difference is that dump/loads of databases are now threaded thus being a lot faster (some parellelism in dumps/loads)
tools-0.1/ 82 (15 years ago) by duarte: Creation of tools version 0.1: Freezing tools rev81 to tag tools-0.1 I am planning to change completely some of the classes: DataDistribution and ClusterConnection. Will continue developing on trunk while we have this freeze so others can use programs as they are now.
aglappe-0.7/ 201 (14 years ago) by stehr: tagging version 0.7 matching CM2PyMol 0.7
aglappe-0.6/ 197 (14 years ago) by duarte: Tagging version 0.6 for release of cmview 0.6
aglappe-0.5/ 188 (14 years ago) by duarte: Tagging version 0.5 for release of CM2PyMol version 0.5
aglappe-0.4/ 164 (14 years ago) by duarte:
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