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tools/ 177 (15 years ago) by duarte: Made public getUserName
proteinstructure/ 179 (15 years ago) by duarte: FIXED BUG: fixed restrictContactsToMax/MinRange. Couldn't delete contacts at the same time as looping in them NEW CLASSES NodeNbh and EdgeNbh, now used in getNodeNbh and getEdgeNbh New method getResidueType 24 (16 years ago) by stehr: moved executables (classes with main function) to root directory 114 (15 years ago) by duarte: Initial commit. PyMol API script example, also using our PymolServerOutputStream to send commands directly to server 162 (15 years ago) by duarte: Updated test class for Pdb/Graph objects 107 (15 years ago) by duarte: Initial commit, Hello World MySQLConnection program for newcomers 116 (15 years ago) by filippis: fixed according to changes made in 36 (16 years ago) by duarte: Now using constructor without key and createStatement with key, since createStatement without key is not allowed anymore (is now private) 149 (15 years ago) by lappe: min-info - functional 169 (15 years ago) by lappe: 24 (16 years ago) by stehr: moved executables (classes with main function) to root directory 160 (15 years ago) by lappe: tab-Formatted output added 167 (15 years ago) by lappe: 180 (15 years ago) by lappe: 171 (15 years ago) by lappe: version of iterateNBHood for the uppercase background info pdb_reps_graph_4_2 for briefer output & calculation 174 (15 years ago) by lappe: original version to be saved ... 170 (15 years ago) by lappe: Running version, takes graph_id and resnr as input 168 (15 years ago) by lappe:
Manifest.txt 163 (15 years ago) by stehr: added Manifest
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