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 ../ 659 (14 years ago) by stehr: Also adding caspParents member to graph classes, value will be kept from Pdb if present; adding method to GraphAverager to retrieve the most frequently used parents specified in the templates 662 (14 years ago) by duarte: Fixed bug: algorithm to find consensus was not working correctly. We weren't taking in account the 2-dimensionality of the problem. Changed the approach completely, new algorithm. Made the ConsensusInterval class a separate class and added new class ConsensusSquare to represent a phi/psi angle consensus region. 667 (14 years ago) by duarte: Fixed (hopefuly) the issue of wrapping angles (at -180,180). Tested minimally and seems fine. 671 (14 years ago) by duarte: Introduced some more useful debugging output in the main method: phi/psi of target (if one is avalable from a reconstruction) is also printed.
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