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 ../ 662 (13 years ago) by duarte: Fixed bug: algorithm to find consensus was not working correctly. We weren't taking in account the 2-dimensionality of the problem. Changed the approach completely, new algorithm. Made the ConsensusInterval class a separate class and added new class ConsensusSquare to represent a phi/psi angle consensus region. 683 (13 years ago) by duarte: Fixed bug: PhiPsiAverager was not working at all for single template case. Fixed bug: in ConsensusInterval changed MARGIN value to 2, for cases where max=min to make sure we pass an Interval bigger than 0 to tinker. 688 (13 years ago) by duarte: Fixed bugs in averageGraph: - output of benchmark statistics and pairwise comparison was overlapping - benchmark mode was broken after introduction of align mode (when no sequence file given we were always creating dummy sequence in both align or benchmark modes) Improved: - better handling of modes through mode variable that takes 1 of 3 states - better input check - in align mode now calling another GraphAverager constructor instead of creating dummy seq/tag within averageGraph - changed constructor in GraphAverager: now sequence not a parameter, instead taken from alignment. Check for input moved down to averageGraph - now allowing alignments that contain other sequences than the target and the templates - new exception GraphAveragerError thrown in GraphAverager constructor when sequences of alignment and templates don't match 698 (13 years ago) by duarte: Fixed bug: now PhiPsiAverager behaves like GraphAverager: consensus is on templates agreeing out of potential templates (non-gaps) instead of out of total number of templates. 758 (12 years ago) by duarte: GraphAverager: got rid of redundant code in countVotes. Changed signature of one of the constructors: now requires target sequence. averageGraph: adapted accordingly Alignment: new method removeSequence (untested), fixed some docs
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