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 ../ 386 (14 years ago) by lpetzo: MODIFICATIONS ------------- class SADP: - added exception handling stuff for exceptions thrown by class Alignment 371 (14 years ago) by lpetzo: Class ContactMap: - Exception ContactMapConstructionError is thrown if the construction of a contact map from a Graph object fails. - changed method to determine the number of nodes of a graph object. - changed method to iterate through the set of edges of the graph (though the previous version seemed to be much more efficient ...) Class SADP: - added some new members controlling to input order of the contact maps (preservedInputOrder) - the progress status of the run() method is send to a Retriever object - added getters and setter for all data member. - implemented methods to compute the sequence alignment and the node matching - a couple of changes in method main 370 (14 years ago) by lpetzo: to be thrown if the construction of a contact map from a proteinstructure.Graph instance fails 316 (14 years ago) by lpetzo: initial version of sadp
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