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benchmarking/ 1196 (11 years ago) by hstehr: new class for scoring all casp7/casp8/casp9 server models in terms of GDT_TS and Acc/Cov of the contact map
tools/ 1187 (11 years ago) by cvehlow: Implementation of class for Check for Correctness of Casp server model files
pipeline/ 1070 (11 years ago) by jmduarteg: Fixed bug in TcoffeeRunner. The t_coffee process was hanging after spawning. This didn't happen before, it can be related to the version of t_coffee (I'm using 8.14). Basically t_coffee seems to be doing something weird with stderr and stdout, java doesn't like it and makes the process hang (as usual java has a lot of problems in this area, see StreamGobbler class). The way to solve it is use the -quiet switch of t_coffee that can be used to redirect output to a file or have a complete quiet terminal.
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