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connections/ 1062 (12 years ago) by stehr: fixed a minor bug in JPredConnection; new method SecondaryStructure.getConsensusSecondaryStructure(); changed visibility of RIGEnsemble.addFile() to public
features/ 1049 (12 years ago) by hstehr: removing @Override annotations which were causing compilation errors for me
runners/ 1057 (12 years ago) by matt4077: add psi/phi constraints from secondary structure to tinker reconstructions
sequence/ 1069 (12 years ago) by jmduarteg: New methods to retrieve uniprot data and embl cds for a single homolog
structure/ 1067 (12 years ago) by hstehr: fixed a bug in SecondaryStructure.print(); added SecStrucElement.toString()
util/ 1042 (12 years ago) by jmduarteg: New SiftsConnection and SiftsFeature classes for SIFTS pdb to uniprot mapping. Implemented the HasFeatures interface in Pdb. In the future we can hopefully use that mechanism for all features (sec. strucuture, scop and so on)
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