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data/ 1225 (11 years ago) by jmduarteg: Now elimination of redundant interfaces not based only on count of edges, but also on identity of each of the contacts (atom's serials, atom codes, residue serials, residue types). Added more test cases. Seems to be working fine. 1230 (11 years ago) by jmduarteg: Fixed bug: bsa values were wrongly calculated. Now sort of interfaces is always descending. Some more testing for individual residues asa and bsa values. Still an issue: individual bsas are not matching pisa's even though total interface areas are fine. 1218 (11 years ago) by jmduarteg: Fixed bug: was null pointing in parsing NMR cif files because they don't have crystal parameter fields. Now skipping that properly. Added NMR test entry to test cases. 1029 (11 years ago) by jmduarteg: Fixed hard-coded resources paths broken since major restructuring of project. 1008 (11 years ago) by hstehr: refactoring: adapting test packages to match new package structure
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