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Revision: 1241
Committed: Tue Sep 21 17:08:36 2010 UTC (12 years ago) by jmduarteg
File size: 68 byte(s)
Log Message:
Fixed bug: the bsa values of residues of the different interfaces were being updated on the same references, we have to copy before creating ChainInterface objects in getAllInterfaces.
Implemented interface pdb file outputting in enumerateInterfaces
Still interfaces tests don't pass because of 2 problems: a) order of first/second molecule not necessarily same as PISA (and in case of same chain codes can't catch it with chain codes), b) in many cases there are many minor discrepancies, usually associated to a lot of small negative bsa values.
Line File contents
1 #3NQJ
2 3KA0
3 #3MYI
4 #3MQL
5 7ODC
6 2XMT
7 1WB4
8 1D2S
9 1WVF
10 1W0N
11 1FB6
12 1OEW
13 3AD7


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