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Revision: 1244
Committed: Thu Sep 30 09:09:36 2010 UTC (11 years, 10 months ago) by jmduarteg
File size: 212 byte(s)
Log Message:
Finally ASA/BSA comparison to PISA test passes. Have to exclude one case where slight difference interface area values led to different sorting and so comparsion doesn't work. This will still be a problem whenever that happens (whenever different sorting of PISA vs ours)
Line File contents
1 #3NQJ # interface count disagrees
2 3KA0
3 3MYI
4 3MQL
5 7ODC
6 2XMT
7 1WB4
8 1D2S
9 1WVF
10 1W0N
11 #1FB6 # interface 6 disagrees because of slight different interface area values lead to different sorting of PISA vs ours
12 1OEW
13 3AD7


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