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 ../ 621 (14 years ago) by stehr: Added members and method to ProtStructGraph and Pdb to write AUTHOR and METHOD fields to Casp files. Added missing reconstructFast methods to TinkerRunner. 609 (14 years ago) by duarte: Extracted constant NULL_CHAIN_CODE that was still hard-coded in MANY places. Now should be safe to replace the value of the constant from "NULL" to something else. Using TemplateList.readIdsListFile() in averageGraph, dumpseq and genGraph so that is now a standard way of reading list files with pdbcodes/chaincodes. NOTE: this introduces an incompatibility with legacy list files: we can't read a NULL pdb chain code with the "NULL" string e.g. '1i1b NULL'. This is fine because since PDB-REMEDIATED all NULL chains are now "A". Fixed a few things and made more standard the scripts dumpseq and genGraph 539 (14 years ago) by stehr: some refactoring in TinkerRunner and related classes (moved forceConstant parameter from constructor to reconstruct method; made force field file type an enum) 492 (14 years ago) by duarte: Copied the aglappe-jung branch into trunk.
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