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 ../ 30 (16 years ago) by stehr: introduced generics, so class will compile in Java 5, not sure though whether the functionality is the same as before, will need more testing 56 (16 years ago) by filippis: execUpdateQuery method added and code in comments was removed 14 (16 years ago) by stehr: removed ununsed imports and variables 14 (16 years ago) by stehr: removed ununsed imports and variables 39 (16 years ago) by filippis: Adding comments 14 (16 years ago) by stehr: removed ununsed imports and variables 14 (16 years ago) by stehr: removed ununsed imports and variables 86 (16 years ago) by duarte: Added PARALLELISM in load/dump of tables using new class QueryThread (extends Thread) Modified methods loadData, dumpData and loadSplitData to dump/load parallely in cases that is useful by using the QueryThread class. New method initializeDirs(String[]) to do some of the dir initialization that was in dumpData Got rid of one of the getConnectionToNode method, not needed anymore New important 2 final static variables: NUM_CONCURRENT_READ_QUERIES and NUM_CONCURRENT_WRITE_QUERIES. They define how much concurrency we want in reads/writes to nfs for loads/dumps 29 (16 years ago) by stehr: changed server port to standard 28 (16 years ago) by stehr: prevent overlong commands from being sent to the server 48 (16 years ago) by filippis: Refresh method added plus refresh added before saving image 84 (16 years ago) by duarte: Fixed bug in getTables4Db. Was closing the connection. Shouldn't do this! Add method getAllIds4KeyAndTables, moved from DataDistribution. It makes more sense to have it here. 27 (16 years ago) by stehr: initial import 27 (16 years ago) by stehr: initial import 40 (16 years ago) by filippis: Adding Msdsd2Pdb and PyMol classes 45 (16 years ago) by filippis: Graph2Pymol class now functional testGraph2Pymol class now functional with comments also PyMol class:python strings methods and removeList, concatList, refresh methods added Machine class: indentation 49 (16 years ago) by filippis: More flexibility in coloring, popDefaults/setDefaults methods plus comments 85 (16 years ago) by duarte: MAJOR change. Split DataDistribution into 2 classes: DataDistributer and DataDistribution. I haven't actually changed or added functionality DataDistributer deals with the distribution of the data, while DataDistribution deals with things to do when data is already distributed, right now is only a few data checks Note that DataDistributer now has two db fields: srcDb and destDb. This is different to before, when destDb was rather a parameter passed as arguments to the methods Methods in DataDistributer have been tidied up a little (specially load and dump ones) 87 (16 years ago) by duarte: Improved considerably the splitTableToCluster method: - got rid of the unnecessary step of creating partial tables before dumping. - now directly dumping with new method dumpSplitData, a modified dumpData that dumps using a WHERE condition - added variable NUM_CONCURRENT_SAMEHOST_WRITE_QUERIES used in dumpSplitData method. It sets the concurrency when dumping locally only from the master 54 (16 years ago) by stehr: initial import 54 (16 years ago) by stehr: initial import 81 (16 years ago) by duarte: Changed the Connection fields to be MySQLConnection. Thanks to this, simplify considerably a lot of the methods by using the MySQLConnection methods. Got rid of method loadSQLDriver and URL final field
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