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Author: duarte
Date: Wed May 24 15:44:25 2006 UTC (16 years ago)
Log Message:
Now split of data also working with text-based keys as well as numerical
- method getAllIds4KeyAndTable now splitted into two methods one for numerical ids and another for text ids
- new methods getColumnType and isKeyNumerical
- method getIdSetsFromNodes splitted into two one for numerical ids one for text ids
- new methods: splitIdsIntoSets now splitted into two methods one numerical, one text
- change methods: splitTableToCluster, splitTable, insertIdsToKeyMaster, removePK, addPK, createNewKeyMasterTbl, removeZeros, loadSplitData, dumpSplitData to make them work for both text and numeric keys. Introduced generic type T in some of them
- some bugs corrected:
-- an important one in createNewKeyMasterTbl, was introducing record in dbs_keys with srcDb instead of destDb as it should have been
-- some bugs in loadSplitData and dumpSplitData to account for cases in which there are less ids than number of nodes and thus some nodes don't get any data. Wasn't counting with this before.

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