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  • BI221 Mitochondriomics

    Mitochondrial dysfunction has been correlated with diseases where clinical pathologies include infertility, diabetes, blindness, deafness, stroke, migraine, plus heart, kidney, and liver diseases. Recently, cancer was added to this list when investigations into human cancer cells from breast, bladder, neck and lung revealed a high occurrence of mutations in mtDNA. With the emerging understanding of the role of mitochondria in a vast array of pathologies, research into this organelle and its dysfunction has yielded a vast amount of data in the last decade in the form of publications and databases. Nevertheless, the field of mitochondrial research is still far from exhausted, with many unknown factors yet to be discovered.

    The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the various databases and wet-lab methods available. Furthermore, the course will, through selected articles, give an understanding of the pitfalls and limitations of such resources.

    Session 1
    Introduction to mitochondria and its pathways and genetics, by Prash Suravajhala
    Session 2
    Proteomics of mitochondria, by Prash Suravajhala
    Biochemistry of mitochondrial diseases, by Claus Desler
    Various assays used and advances in mitochondrial research
    Session 3
    Tools and databases used in mitochondrial research, by Prash Suravajhala
    Session 4
    Challenges in mitochondrial research, by Prash Suravajhala
    Session 5
    Mitochondria in aging and diseases, Prash Suravajhala
    Session 6
    Exercises & take home messages, by Prash Suravajhala

    This course is taught by Prashanth Suravajhala, Ph.D.

    Additionally, Claus Desler will give a lecture as supplementary material for the course.


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    This course is certified by, one of the oldest and largest international affiliations in the field, and it will count as 6 "Continuing Scientific Education" (CSE) units (one unit per contact hour) within Students completing the course will receive a certificate attesting to that.

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