SIGHT is a code generator set to create a user-defined system of web robots, realising arbitrary workflow. It generates Web robots that can be based on Stalker algorithm, html structure, etc. This task frequent in bioinformatics.

Sight is primarily presented at its own homepage, . It also has two mirrors at and The preferred way to receive support is to send a message to

Sight_**.bin files are independent installers for Linux platform. They contain the suitable java runtime environment (1.4.0), Sight itself, documentation and source code as for Sight, as for all used modules (BioQuery, Jssh, Weka, WebMacro, Kopi and so on). To install, you must:

  1. Download the file and change its rights to executable.
  2. Run this file as Linux program. The graphic installer should start. After installation, Sight is not dependent from the initial installer file.

You will be able to choose the folders for Sight and Sight java runtime environment. Please be sure that you current access rights allow to write into the folder you selected. To minimise the problems, Sight suggests the home folder of the current user by default.

The program can later be started by launching is the Sight directory (open console, change to this directory and type 'sh run sh'. It will also try to create shortcuts on desktop (Gnome and KDE), but this was only tested under Mandrake Linux 9.0 and we are not sure if it works on other platforms.