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many thanks to Prof. Frömmel who encouraged me to develop this tool, to the reviewers of the journal Bioinformatics for their advice and valuable criticism.

Marcel van den Bosch created the Wiki site

Kristian Rother helped with Windows.

Andrean Goede contributed his superposition program.

Andreas Hoppe, Robert Preissner, Armin Weiser gave many valuable hints.

Nick Robinson made the concept for the publication HotSwap for bioinformatics

Hergo Holzhütters group for testing and improving Metannogen.

The Jena Library team: Jürgen Sühnel and Rolf Hühne for their expertize on biological units.

BTIhelped improving GUI.

Software tools used for developing STRAP

STRAP was developed with the following free software tools:
Thanks to all who tested STRAP on different computer platforms: Andreas Gille, Koen van der Drift, ...


In publications
please cite: KISS for STRAP or STRAP or Structural interpretation of mutations and SNPs using STRAP-NT