Publish interactive alignment

Figure: Generation of a Html link. The html code is generated automatically and can be tested in the web browser.
new DialogPublishAlignment(  )
With this dialog a Web-Link can be formed which loads the proteins from the public databases into Strap and displays an alignment. The only requirement for the client machine is Java. Depending on the amount of information two different types are available:

1. Single web address

The web address can not only be included in web-pages, but also in e-mails and Office-documents. The generation is conducted in two steps:
  1. DialogPublishAlignment#BUT_LAB_P The parameter String is written into the first text field and can be modified by the user. Not the sequence but the database accession id is stored. For technical details see
  2. DialogPublishAlignment#BUT_LAB_U From the text in the first text field the web address will be generated using and written into the 2nd text field.
  3. DialogPublishAlignment#BUT_LAB_B The generated web address can be tested by clicking. A new STRAP session will be opened in web-mode and an alignment will be loaded with the specified information.

2. Web form

Since the web form has no size limitation, the entire information for the alignment can be included. The draw-back is that it can only be included in web-pages, but not in office documents or e-mails.
  1. DialogPublishAlignment#BUT_LAB_F A html-page including the web link for the selected proteins is generated.
  2. DialogPublishAlignment#BUT_LAB_B The link can be tested in the web browser. From this html code the text between the opening and closing and <body> tags can be used in any html-page.