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Protein 3D-superposition with STRAP

algorithms to superimpose protein 3D structures are applied to identify similarities of protein folds. The coordinates of a mobile protein is transformed (superposed) so that the backbone lies over the backbone of a reference protein. Distant homologues may not be recognized by their amino acid sequence because the sequences diverge more rapidly in evolution than the 3D-structure. In these cases three-dimensional protein superposition of protein structures is very valuable. Currently there are two procedures for protein superposition available in STRAP:
In the form a mobile and a reference protein are selected. Alternatively a hole bunch of mobile proteins can be probed against one reference protein.

After superposition the protein backbones can be inspected three-dimensionally.
dialog 3d-superposition

Pymol superposition: Per click superimposition of proteins can be displayed in Pymol
superimposed proteins

STRAP also provides a multiple structure alignment procedure based on the protein superposition of C-alpha atoms.