t-CWT: Multivariate Assessment
of Event-Related Potentials

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Event-related brain potentials (ERPs) are usually assessed with univariate statistical tests although they are essentially multivariate objects. Brain-computer interface (BCI) applications are a notable exception to this practice. Multivariate ERP assessment can be facilitated by feature extraction methods. One such method is t-CWT, a mathematical-statistical algorithm based on the continuous wavelet transform (CWT) and Student's t-test.


A detailed description of the mathematical algorithm implemented by the t-CWT software as well as the results from the assessment of the example ERP data can be found in

Bostanov V. (2015). Multivariate Assessment of Event-Related Potentials with the t-CWT Method. BMC Neuroscience 16:73. doi:10.1186/s12868-015-0185-z BibTeX reference

The first version of t-CWT was introduced in

Bostanov V. (2004). BCI Competition 2003 – data sets Ib and IIb: feature extraction from event-related brain potentials with the continuous wavelet transform and the t-value scalogram. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 51:1057-61. BibTeX reference

If you use t-CWT in your research, please cite, either Bostanov (2015), or both Bostanov (2015) and Bostanov (2004) – whichever fits best.


File Description
t-CWT.3.00.help.html t-CWT 3.00 (Mindfulness) Documentation
(also included in the t-CWT 3.00 ZIP archive).
t-CWT.2.01.help.html t-CWT 2.01 Documentation
(also included in the t-CWT 2.01 ZIP archive).


File Size Description
t-CWT.3.00.zip 200KB t-CWT version 3.00 (Mindfulness)
Source Code & Documentation
3.00 is much faster than 2.01 because of the semi-log-grid sampling of the scalogram
MD5: c5285123b637a49fddd725ae0ec56a6e
t-CWT.2.01.zip 180KB t-CWT version 2.01
Source Code & Documentation
MD5: af38affe40519687be723912aa487bed
t-CWT.example.ERP.data.zip 94MB Oddball ERPs, 27 ASCII datasets.
MD5: 322a35c5462da1fcb6931fe91f547d6f

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