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Gene 1 Gene 2 Interaction Type Sentence Value Judge me
COX2 VEGF complex1 These results indicate that angiogenesis is a complex process that involves multiple factors including NOS2 , COX2 , and VEGF . 114 good bad
cox2 p63 bind1 Recombinant p63 possesses DNA-binding activity , exhibiting an affinity for the core cox2 promoter element and upstream regions in gel shift assays and having the ability to enhance specific transcrip 105 good bad
COX2 COX4 complex2 , COX2 and COX4 ) , modest rate accelerations in the lineage that led to humans are seen for other subunits of both complexes . 90 good bad
COX2 COX3 interact3 These data strongly support the physiological importance of interactions between membrane-bound mRNA-specific translational activators and the native 5 ' -untranslated leaders of the COX2 and COX3 mRN 88 good bad
COX2 p40 bind1 An abundant yeast mitochondrial 40 kDa protein ( p40 ) binds with high specificity to the 5 ' -untranslated region of cytochrome c oxidase subunit II ( COX2 ) mRNA . 84 good bad
COX2 COX3 interact3 The intergenomic coevolution of interacting gene products has been previously suggested based on interspecific comparisons of cytochrome c ( encoded by the nuclear CYC gene ) and cytochrome c oxidase 78 good bad
COX2 PET111 interact1 Alteration of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae COX2 mRNA 5 ' -untranslated leader by mitochondrial gene replacement and functional interaction with the translational activator protein PET111 . 75 good bad
COX2 p16 associate1 We studied p16 and p15 gene alteration in association with oxidative stress markers , including inducible nitric oxide synthase ( iNOS ) and cyclooxygenase 2 ( COX2 ) . 68 good bad
cox2 cox3 complex1 The identified genes that are typical for most fungal mitochondria include those for the large ( rnl ) and small subunit ( rns ) ribosomal RNAs , a complete set of 25 tRNAs , three ATPase subunits ( a 66 good bad
cox2 cox3 complex1 We used quantitative Northern analysis to assay the transcript levels of three mitochondrially encoded components of the cytochrome c oxidase complex ( cox1 , cox2 , and cox3 ) . 62 good bad
COX2 cyclooxygenase interact1 Characterisation of cyclooxygenase 1 and 2 expression in mouse resident peritoneal macrophages in vitro ; interactions of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with COX2 . 60 good bad
COX2 NOS2 complex1 A variety of stimuli including cytokines , microbial components , immune complexes , and mechanical stress can induce both NOS2 and COX2 mRNA transcription and protein synthesis and enhance inflammati 44 good bad
cox2 cytochrome complex2 Comparisons of expression , at the level of accumulated product , of cox2 ( 1-91 ) : : ARG8m and COX2 carrying these mutant initiation codons revealed that very low-efficiency translation can provide -2147483647 good bad
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