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Gene 1 Gene 2 Interaction Type Sentence Value Judge me
Rb histone complex2 The retinoblastoma suppressor ( Rb ) -associated protein 46 ( RbAp46 ) is a member of the WD-repeat protein family and a component of the histone modifying and remodeling complexes . 123 good bad
RB aa bind1 RB binding sites on BRCA1 were identified in the C-terminal BRCT domain ( Yarden and Brody , 1999 ) and in the N-terminus ( aa 304-394 ) ( Aprelikova et al . 104 good bad
RB BRCA1 bind3 Disruption of BRCA1 LXCXE motif alters BRCA1 functional activity and regulation of RB family but not RB protein binding . 95 good bad
RB p130 bind1 Our findings suggest that : ( 1 ) disruption of the LXCXE motif within the N-terminal RB binding region alters the biologic function of BRCA1 ; and ( 2 ) over-expression of BRCA1 inhibits the expressi 81 good bad
RB BRCA1 interact1 The tumor suppressor activity of the BRCA1 gene product is due , in part , to functional interactions with other tumor suppressors , including p53 and the retinoblastoma ( RB ) protein . 73 good bad
RB BRCA1 bind1 The N-terminal site contains a consensus RB binding motif , LXCXE ( aa 358-362 ) , but the role of this motif in RB binding and BRCA1 functional activity is unclear . 72 good bad
Rb JNK bind1 Far Western blot analysis confirms that SAPK JNK binds directly to Rb . 63 good bad
Rb Brca1 bind1 The Brca1 promoter contains E2F DNA-binding sites that mediate transcriptional activation by E2F1 and repression by Rb . 53 good bad
RB BRCA1 bind1 In both in vitro and in vivo assays , we found that the BRCA1 : RB interaction does not require the BRCA1 LXCXE motif , nor does it require an intact A B binding pocket of RB . 48 good bad
Rb JNK interact1 Here we show that Rb can physically interact with c-Jun NH ( 2 ) -terminal kinase stress-activated protein kinase ( JNK SAPK ) , thereby inhibiting intracellular signals mediated by JNK SAPK . 45 good bad
Rb JNK associate2 Taken together , our results suggest that Rb is a target protein of SAPK JNK and that the association of SAPK JNK and Rb mediates IR-induced apoptosis in MM cells . 26 good bad
Rb JNK associate1 The results demonstrate that IR activates SAPK JNK , which associates with Rb both in vivo and in vitro . 25 good bad
Rb Ras bind1 In addition , we present evidence that cooperation between the N-terminal fragment and Ras depends upon an intact T-antigen J domain and the ability of the T antigen to bind and inactivate the growth- -61 good bad
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