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An alpha version of the Linux distribution/appliance based on openSUSE is now available for Download and testing purposes. It uses the GNOME 2 desktop environment. These are the features

A dream for biologists programming in Python

General programming

  • Git version control system
  • Gedit and Vim text editors
  • Meld diff/compare tool
  • Qt designer
  • R

Support for Bibliographies

Standalone BLAST

Database development

  • PostgreSQL RDBMS installed with a sample database
  • pgAdmin can be used to create and administer databases

Office applications

  • LibreOffice for documents, spreadsheets, presentations and databases. It can also read write Microsoft document formats (doc, xls, ppt etc.,)
  • Okular for reading Postscript and PDF files
  • Dropbox (installed on first use)
  • Keepnote note-taking program

General applications

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