JaMBW Chapter 3.1.5

ORF Seeker


Given a sequence of nucleic acids and a translation table, this program generates all the corresponding aminoacid sequences, for each potential open reading frame.

Mode of operation

The program uses three windows: the top one should be filled from the user, with a sequence of interest, while the other windows contain the results of this frame analyis. The following steps must be performed:
  1. Choice of translation table
    The official translation tables as compiled by A.Elzanowski and J.Ostell (1996) are made available through this applet by a simple pull-down menu. In order to choose a translation table the user has simply to select it from the available list through the pull-down menu. User-provided translation tables are supported by the parameter mechanism of the applet, without need of modifying the program, details are provided in the html source of the page.
  2. Sequence input
  3. Compute
    Once the sequence is placed in the top window, by pressing the "COMPUTE" button all the Open Reading Frames are computed and visualized.